Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Spiritual Warriorship"?

What is Aikido?

How is Aikido different from other martial arts?

How does Aikido work physically?

Are all Aikido Dojos the same?

What style of Aikido is taught at Kakushi Toride Aikido Dojo?

What will I get out of Aikido?

Is Aikido a good workout?

It can be! But oddly, since the art is about the path of no resistance, muscular effortlessness, and economy of movement, when performed correctly Aikido is not much of an exercise program. However in service to our partners we do the "work" of extending energy authentically that will take us to the mat. If cardiac aerobics is what you're after you will find it when you and another partner practice at full speed - whenever it is your turn to take on the role of uke (one who falls) because you will be rolling and coming up off the floor to a standing position after every interaction. A lot of calories can be burned getting up from the floor a hundred or more times in an hour... but don't worry, even that "exercise" is fun!

What are classes like at Kakushi Toride Aikido Dojo?

What should I wear for class?