Class Descriptions

Aikido for Beginners

Beginners are instructed in fundamentals of aikido and how they are applied to create a harmonious outcome in physical conflict situations. Classes focus on the energies of human interaction expressed through the intentions of participants, as well as how those intentions creat a clow in the physical world bethween an attacker and intended target in an altercation.

Through a system of basic movements (kata) designed to maximize versatility, students will learn all the physical components of aikido, as well as how to offer safe but authentic attack energy in order to be a good training partner.

In the ten-week beginner cycle, students focus the first four pairs of kata movement sets and building connection with their partners. Once students have obtained proficiency at the first level they may be invited to attend intermediate and advanced classes.

Aikido Basics

Aikido for Youths

Aikido - All Levels

Aikido - Advanced

No Fall Aikido

Spiritual Warriorship

Mid-morning Meditation

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